We have produced rtmSystems as a total solution and, as such, it comprises of a huge range of tools and features designed to make life easier and more efficient.

Our developers have gone through extreme levels of planning to ensure that rtmSystems does what you want it to do…without any restrictions. On top of its integrated flexibility, each installation of rtmSystems is tailored to your specific needs with extra features integrated upon request.

rtmSystems Features:

Complete integration of an unlimited number of touch-screens, handhelds and printers positioned in any place of your restaurant or takeaway.
Overall system runs on advanced and secured wireless technology that allows freedom to roam with ease and peace of mind.
Streamlined order taking system that facilitates adding of items to an order in less than three seconds.
In-depth modification of a dish right down to the individual ingredients.
Real time bill price calculation while taking an order.
Instant restaurant view with detailed and clear information on each table.
Smooth printing and reprinting of orders, drinks tabs and final bill.
Fast, industrial strength printers are provided, designed to print with speed and accuracy, time and again.
Customer tracking from reservations to final bill.
Accounting features with easy to read overviews and graphical representations.
Remote secure access to the system from any place in the world. Control what is happening in your restaurants and takeaways from home.
…and much more!

Please call 0845 257 2063, or click here to contact us, to find out more information about rtmSystems and rtmLive! or to arrange a live demo.

rtmSystems – you’re in total control  
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