“It works, doesn’t it?” When you ask someone why they do something the way that they do, the response you are likely to get will be in the shape of, “It works, doesn’t it?” People quite often do things the way they do simply because they have no alternative or they seek no alternative. They are content with what they have, they work around the flaws and have become accustomed to it.

Degnasoft had an aim to change the way restaurant management is currently handled by providing a system that was fast, reliable and easy to use; that aim was rtmSystems.

Imagine a hassle-free environment where everything not only works but works efficiently. Degnasoft rtmSystems provides waiters with easy to use systems that instantly send orders to the kitchen with advanced and secure wireless technologies. Our system allows managers to be always in tune with the happenings of their restaurants with easy to read graphics and statistics about what is happening, what has happened and what is predicted to happen.

The reservations console in rtmSystems allows true customer tracking and total customer management, including loyalty schemes and special occasions. With rtmSystems you are still in charge of your restaurant, your layout and your ideas but now with the power by Degnasoft.
rtmSystems – you’re in total control  
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