Welcome to rtmSystems, a product of Degnasoft. We have been working hard at trying to create a restaurant order-taking and management system that is easy to use yet able to deliver more power than the competition.

Our concept is simple: keep it simple! Yet the detailed information that rtmSystems provides allows you to always be up to date and to always be in control.

Degnasoft uses wireless technology combined with powerful databases to bring you stunning, instant performance you can rely on time and again. For more information on rtmSystems please click here to go to the Concept page or please click here for more information on other products and services offered by Degnasoft.

Donít forget that each rtmSystems solution is tailored to your exact needs. Please contact us on 0845 257 2063 or by email and we will discuss your options with you as well as provide you with a live demonstration.
rtmSystems Ė youíre in total control  
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